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A Snapshot of the book:

An amazing journey with the Captain, Science Officer Johannes, Dr. Anne Anderson, and a unique AI computer, that is the Ship. Trapped in an uncharted dimension of Space-Time they are soon threatened by an entity previously unknown in our Galaxy.


[The story] A vivid history of the first encounter with a very ancient race, perhaps as old as time or even the universe itself. But are they creators, destroyers, or something else entirely? The story blends action, mystery, discovery, and humor, in the style of Star Trek, with the breadth and scope only found in a science series like NOVA or Cosmos. 

[The setting] Academy SCOUT Ship XII is traveling light-years thru deep space on a  mission to view recent activity near the Coalsack Nebula. When distances are so vast the crew is required to remain in cryogenic cold-sleep for the trip.
However, on awakening, discover they're not at their planned destination but, what appears to be an uncharted dimension of Space-Time. Which asks the question? Are they trapped here, outside of normal Space & Time? The search for answers is soon complicated by a mysterious hyperspace-message from an unknown entity, who signed the message simply as ‘The Librarian’?


A group mind race, known only in myth & legend. Does the entity actually exist in this dimension or was it trapped here like the ship? Could the entity even be the reason they are here? Does it need our help? Many questions and no easy answers. Further, the entities message has challenged the ship’s Captain to meet in what the entity calls its' home territory. And, would accepting place everyone in just as much danger as refusing? The crew must find a way to solve this dilemma. Because, until solved, their future is at best uncertain if not simply nonexistent!


“An exciting must-read adventure for everyone who enjoys exploring the future of space travel, and new race encounters.” Book reviewer.

"an immersive and vivid story of space exploration from the logs of Academy SCOUT Ship XII. Join the Captain, Science Officer Johannes and Dr. Anne Anderson in this exiting adventure of mystery, challenge, and discovery of a new dimension where Space and Time have little meaning. A must read adventure for everyone who enjoys exploring the future of space travel and the science in Science Fiction".

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