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About D.R. Dean:

A retired Computer Scientist and unabashed 'nerd' or 'geek' to some, a ‘Hacker’ to old-school programmers and simply professor to my former students. Having previously written books, monographs and tutorials on Computer Science & Engineering, chose this time, to explore the future in a novel of pure fiction. But it had to be a novel I would enjoy reading. I chose to write Science Fiction to explore what I like and hope to see in the future application of science. Primarily I wish to avoid the cliché stories of us vs them. Including the 'computer-that-went-mad', takes over the world and/or kills its creator (take your pick). Along with Vampires or Zombies lunching on dear-old granny, enough already!

Science is actually fun, interesting, an adventure and with discovery, its own reward. Therefore, I hope to reflect these ideas and that philosophy in my work. With stories speculative of a future with Faster than Light (FTL) travel, exploration of other planets and galaxies, even dimensions of Space-Time.

Albeit fictional, stories to explore questions of Dark Matter, Gravity Waves, Quantum Computers and Wormhole theory, all the while learning about new civilizations. Where Alien is simply a word used for someone (or thing) we haven’t met, just yet!

So, if you enjoy Cosmos, NOVA, the Science Channel and Discovery as well as Star Trek, then you are the one I want to invite on this journey. Exploring new ideas, cultures and future technologies. As you can see from my ramblings, The Galaxy Chronicles is truly, a work of the heart and mind. And as fiction, not a candidate requiring scientific peer review (smile!), only your support and belief in the Future, dear reader.


P.S. Read a little and let me know what you think. DrD

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